The Modern Educator

The most successful educators I know are inspiring.
It’s part of the job description.

A Walk

Education as a Vocation

I might be convinced to think that education is a discredited practice rooted out from classrooms. We, teachers, are believed to continue using methods that cause little or no improvement in student progress, and instead rely on anecdotal evidence to back fashionable techniques such as “discovery learning,” where pupils are meant to uncover key ideasContinue reading “Education as a Vocation”

Educating Digital Natives

As a teacher who lived life as a millenial, it is probably hard to relate to: the zillenials. A generation makes a lot of difference. Here’s why. Gen Zers are “digital natives,” a term coined by writer and speaker Marc Prensky. He originally used the term to refer to millennials born after 1980, as theyContinue reading “Educating Digital Natives”

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